(My Happiness) The In-Person / Social Experience

I was about 40 minutes early for my meeting, where I had a great time networking with different ladies who repeatedly said: It’s my first time back since the last 2019 event… I am new here! Very interesting. Sincerely, being able to see people’s faces again makes me so happy, even though I work form home, it feels very refreshing and cant wait to bring back that spirit into the different communities who were very active before and I truly believe in the power of empathy and in-person collaboration.

Diana, DigiGirlz Volunteers

This week I had the opportunity to volunteer at Microsoft in an event held in the Microsoft Reactor in Redmond where some schools in the Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond area brought a big group of Girls to learn more about #STEM, #Data and #AI, #tech trends like #ChatGPT and also we had a #Panel of wonderful women leader in the Tech industry, with different backgrounds and stories that helped to inspire the girls to pursue a career in STEM, improve different skills, learn new languages and answer the kid’s questions, that I’ve helped to translate.

It’s been years since the last time I’ve supported the #DigiGirlz, (because of the shutdown of many stuff 😑 you know!) I loved the fact of being part of this activity, meeting with talented colleagues, sharing my own experiences and journey, and acknowledging that I am very grateful for who I am, I feel proud of what I do, and I hope any of us that attended, could have put at least one seed of change to many of these kiddos.

For many years I’ve supported Microsoft Philanthropy. Now from my role at Withum, we have an amazing culture in the firm that encourages us, and support us to be able to develop more leadership and continue to help different communities in the US industry, enabling people to become more successful and grow their businesses with our help as a catalyzer.

Thanks to #Ignite #Microsoft and all those who work towards improving #education and support the next generations by using the best of knowledge and technology.

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(My Happiness) The In-Person / Social Experience

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