New Content! Hybrid Work And More At InspireTech Week

I have had the pleasure of being part of the heart of InspireTech since this project was born in 2019; This is how my friend and colleague Amal Hosni always introduces us when she talks about InspireTech. We are the heart of InspireTech.

What is InspireTech?
InspireTech’s vision aims to bring people’s experiences closer from the human and social side, from wellness to technology. Promote a new culture of balance, creativity, and productivity that helps inspire more people to use better technology and improve their lives.

Focusing on the human side, many of the people who have supported InspireTech always add more value in their talks to the community regarding their background and stories behind becoming who they are, humbly sharing what motivates them to keep going. in their careers, what inspired them to become the leaders they are today? Beyond knowledge, certifications, titles, and many achievements, What was the key to their recipe for success? This is a huge icebreaker for me and is part of the reasons that keep our community together at InspireTech.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of accepting my friend’s invitation to speak at the event again this year. As the main focus is productivity, I have collected some personal experiences, use cases, and tips for the new content that I will deliver this week.
I am excited to present my session in Spanish: Challenges in Hybrid Work and Employee Retention. I will make sure to add all accessibility features so that as many people as possible can attend and participate despite the language barrier.
Join us and learn more about productivity by using different tools, data, agile, the cloud and your own soft skills in a toolset of best practices from all the speakers at InspireTech Week.

Join us and be part of InspireTech!
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New Content! Hybrid Work And More At InspireTech Week

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