Read Now my Interview for the Microsoft TechCommunity

Hello everyone, Happy Monday!

On this occasion I am very excited to share with you this interview that was published a few days ago for the Microsoft technical community.

In this article we share our experience with three Microsoft MVP colleagues: My friend Amal Hosni from Colombia, Tsubasa Yoshino from Japan and Manuel Sánchez from Spain. We tell you about how we started our activities in the technical communities when we were students and how this has allowed us to grow and be successful in our professional careers.

If you want to know more about my professional career, how I got started in the technical communities and to know some professional tips that my colleagues and I share with all of you, read now the complete interview in this link.

¨I encourage you to develop soft skills, network whenever you can, speak out loud about what you are passionate about and take advantage of the tools we have today to connect, interact, collaborate, and spread the word.¨

Diana C. Torres, Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

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Read Now my Interview for the Microsoft TechCommunity

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